Българско Дружество по Алергология
Bulgarian Allergy Society

Драги колеги,

Представям ви писмото от работната  група на ЕААКИ по контрола на астмата и алергичните болести всред подрастващи и младежи. С него  се иска да отговорим  на някои въпроси  свързани с епидемиологията, диагностиката ,  лечението и профилактиката  им  в тази специфична категория пациенти.

   Моля , да споделите вашия опит и знания в това отношение, за да  покажем  нивото на клиничната алергология в  страната ни.

                                                                                           С уважение                                                                                            Богдан Петрунов


19th April 2019

Dear Bogdan,

We are approaching you to ask if you can help circulate a survey on adolescent asthma and allergic disease across members of Bulgarian Society of Allergology. We are undertaking this as part of the EAACI Adolescent and Young Adult Taskforce (TF).

Adolescence is an important phase of life as children develop into adults. Paediatric patients need to learn about their allergies and asthma and how to successfully self-manage them. Adolescents and young adults may face challenges in self-management that are different to other age groups.

The EAACI Taskforce on Adolescents and Young Adults is aiming to develop advice for professionals to help them provide support self-management for adolescents and young adults. As a first part of this activity, we undertaking a short survey (10 minutes) to help us to understand the current state of adolescent practice. This survey is being translated into English, German, French, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian thus your members could choose a language which they are the most comfortable with.

We would be grateful if you could ask whether you would send  your members an email with the link to the survey to your members (https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/2C8GMZG). We are trying to ensure that we are able to sample a reasonable number of healthcare professionals from all countries across Europe.

We are planning to open the survey during the week beginning 22nd April and close it on 31st May 2019. We would be happy to share the results with you.

Thank you for considering.

Best wishes,

Prof Graham Roberts                                     Dr Marta Vazquez                                                    Dr Kate Khaleva

Chair EAACI Adolescent TF                           Secretary EAACI Adolescent TF                            Survey lead